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Aug 18 2016 | by

Treat yourself to a luxurious day at The Woodhouse Day Spa – Atlanta, a beautifully tranquil getaway from all the chaos of a hectic daily life. Nestled in Perimeter Mall, The Woodhouse Day Spa – Atlanta will massage away your worries and leave you feeling rested and revitalized.

Jul 15 2016 | by

Summer can be a stressful time. The kids are off of school. The days are longer inspiring you to get more done, tackle new projects, or just live up to the kids’ expectations that summer must be packed full of fun activities. It’s not uncommon to be exhausted by the long list of activities and expectations on your schedule. Throw in work or volunteer responsibilities and you’re ready for some quiet time. We invite you to step away from the daily chaos and spend some time focusing yourself at The Woodhouse Day Spa at Perimeter Mall.

Mar 17 2016 | by

Yes, you will receive a beautiful manicure when you visit The Woodhouse Day Spa - Atlanta. You will also receive so much more. We provide luxurious robes, reflexology slippers and a quiet room in which to sit and enjoy tea before your manicure. We are proud to offer our guests a choice of rejuvenating manicures.

Mar 17 2016 | by

Whether you are celebrating an upcoming marriage, a birthday, or simply wish to reward yourself with a luxurious spa experience, a spa weekend at The Woodhouse Day Spa - Atlanta offers the perfect retreat. We invite you to renew your body, mind and spirit while relaxing in our plush robes and sipping our specialty loose leaf teas. Our full service spa offers a tranquil experience which will leave you feeling balanced and rejuvenated.

Spend a Spa Weekend with The Woodhouse Day Spa - Atlanta

Mar 17 2016 | by

The Woodhouse Day Spa - Atlanta offers guests more than just a massage or facial, we provide an unrivaled experience of tranquility and relaxation. From the moment you enter our spa, you will be transported to a peaceful environment where your troubles seem to melt away. Whether you choose to indulge in one of our rejuvenating body treatments or our holistic skin care, you are bound to leave feeling refreshed.

The Woodhouse Day Spa - Atlanta offers a variety of spa services designed to help our guests relax the body and renew the spirit. Our day spa experiences include:

Mar 17 2016 | by

Every couple needs time to relax and reconnect. A couples massage from The Woodhouse Day Spa - Atlanta can be just what you need to feel renewed. Our luxurious wellness spa creates an environment of tranquility and transformation. From our relaxation room with delectable loose leaf teas, to our plush robes and reflexology sandals, every aspect of your experience is designed to indulge your senses.

Mar 17 2016 | by

As a side effect of daily work and stress, we often carry tension in our bodies. This stress can leave us feeling run down and tired, both emotionally and physically. Massage therapy from The Woodhouse Day Spa - Atlanta benefits your overall wellness by releasing tension, enhancing circulation and leaving you feeling refreshed.


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