Nourishing Manicures from the Woodhouse Day Spa - Atlanta

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Yes, you will receive a beautiful manicure when you visit The Woodhouse Day Spa - Atlanta. You will also receive so much more. We provide luxurious robes, reflexology slippers and a quiet room in which to sit and enjoy tea before your manicure. We are proud to offer our guests a choice of rejuvenating manicures.

Our most talked about manicure, The Woodhouse Signature Hand Retreat is a detailed treatment which refines the skin. Elbow down exfoliation is combined with a serene massage. To top it off, a seaweed wrap is applied to your hands to help improve circulation and hydrate your skin. A delightful hand crème is applied to help seal in moisture and keep your hands looking radiant.

The Warm Agave Nectar Manicure is a refreshing blend of natural oils and nectar. This unique combination help reduce the appearance of aging. The magical fragrance will please your senses as your hands are tended to and left feeling radiant.

The Spritzer Manicure at The Woodhouse Day Spa - Atlanta is a classic which offers a smoothing organic massage to help prevent the signs of aging. If you feel like bringing a gentleman with you for services, we offer the Gentleman’s manicure as well. This deep treatment penetrates hands and reduces stress through the use of skin softening oils.

If you’re feeling adventurous, The Woodhouse Day Spa - Atlanta offers the Cupid’s Cocktail Mani. A soothing soak in oils made from grape seed and olive fruits starts off the Cupid’s Cocktail adventure. Next, we apply a glaze of sugar scrub of Butter Rum brown sugar to smooth out rough skin. Our hot honey glaze seals in aloe, papaya, and honey to create beautiful glowing skin.

The Woodhouse Day Spa - Atlanta offers Immaculate Wear polish to suit your manicure needs. Whether you are looking for 7, 14 or 21 day wear, our long lasting polish is durable and can withstand average wear.

From the beginning of your retreat at The Woodhouse Day Spa - Atlanta, your manicure specialist will work to engage your senses, help you relax, and leave you looking radiant. Call our Atlanta hospitality team at (770) 377-3505 to book your manicure today.

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